Special Purpose Welding Automation Systems (SPM)

We design and manufacture any Special Purpose machine for Automatic/ Semiautomatic/ Manual Welding. These SPMs may use any welding process as required for the specific job.
The welding process may be MIG / MAG, TIG, or SAW.
Some of the SPMs we have manufactured for various customers are as follows:

Sailent Features

Manufacture as per Client requirement.
Fully automatic / semi automatic reduces lead time of production.
Can assure better quality of production.

A Convincing service in all respects

Advice in planning stage.
Complete design with modernized technology.
Over rated, Pre-loaded and dust protected bearing arrangements.
Personal Training.
Upgrading and modernization.

We can supply SPM's for applications such as:

Automobile components.
Accessories for TWO/FOUR wheeler vehicles.
Road Rollers or any other similar cylindrical components.
Hydraulic cylinders.
Pipe to Flange welding.
Turntable with TIG/MIG Torch mtq . arrangement with auto welding sequences.
Complete LPG cylinder project including system handling.
Domestic Pipes / API pipes welding equipment with automatic handling system.
Automobile components of special nature.
Special Accessories for TWO/FOUR wheeler components.
Automatic loading and unloading systems for conveyor Idler Roller welding.
Rebuilding setup for Road Rollers or any other similar cylindrical component.