Welding Positioners

Positioners are mainly used to manipulate and position the Jobs for 1G position for easy down hand welding, independent of operator's skill.
Once the job is loaded it can be manipulated conveniently to complete all the welding operations in down hand position. This reduces handling time and frequent use of crane. The job can be tilted from 0° to 135° depending on the requirement of specific location of welding. Positioners can be conveniently used for complete circumferential welding, strip cladding, for down hand position welding, to set the job conveniently for easy accessibility to intricate assemblies etc. Along with Column & Boom, a positioner can carry out any welding tasks which are impossible otherwise.

Special Features of our Design

Extremely Stable and 'Free Standing' with the maximum rated load.
'Free standing' design allows frequent change of site.
Rugged and robust Design / Construction.
Generous 'Rotational' and 'Tilt' torque.
Enhanced 'CG' rating due to specific design, lowering the distance to the 'Pivot point' from table top.
Over rated, Pre-loaded and dust protected bearing arrangements.
Forced diversion of 'Earth return current' off the spindle bearings, averts bearing damage.
Activation of mechanical 'Stoppers' in case of limit switch failure.

Standard capacity ranges

Load capacity - 25 Kg to 200 Ton
Table Rotation - A.C. Variable Speed OR A.C Fixed Speed (As per Customer Requirement)
Table Tilt range - 0 to 135° OR -45° to +90° (AC Fixed Speed)

Optional Features

Degree of tilting angle can also be - 45 to +90 degrees to the horizontal. In case face plate diameters are required more than the standard versions, please specify for such requirements. Also mention, whether extension arms are required to accommodate increased diameter. Machined "T" slots at extra cost. Please specify for such requirements in your enquiry. AC VFD for tilt drive.