Welding Rotators are very essential equipments for heavy and light fabrication shop. They are mainly used to rotate or position the cylindrical jobs for circumferential welding (TIG / MIG / Sub Arc) or for intricate assemblies.
Cu-Built welding rotator is specially designed to rotate or support the various diameter of cylindrical job. Machine has two units, one is Driving unit and another is Idler unit.

Construction & Technical Details

The base frame is constructed of plate fabrication precisely machined to maintain proper level and alignment. Fabricated Roller housing bracket precisely machined.


» Welding of pipes.
» API pipes.
» Boilers.
» heat exchangers.
» Pressure vessels/Tanks.
» mounted vessels.
» LPG bullets.
» Barrels, etc.,


» Load carrying capacity - 2 Ton to 1200 Ton
» Job diameter Ranges - 350 mm to 10000 mm (Higher Diameters on Request)


Manual trolley & Motorized trolley