Welding Rotators are very essential equipments for heavy and light fabrication shop. They are mainly used to rotate or position the cylindrical jobs for circumferential welding (TIG / MIG / Sub Arc) or for intricate assemblies.
The machine consists of 1 No. Drive Unit and 1 No. Idler Unit and Control panel with pendant. For step less speed variation, AC Variable Frequency Drive is used. The rollers are either made of Steel or Moulded with Polyurethane as per customer's requirement.
Main base frames are fabricated and stress relieved before machining. There are basically two units, the Drive and Idler - one unit each. The precisely machined (on boring machine) Roller Brackets are bolted on the roller beds. Both the Roller Brackets have to be manually moved as per the job diameter keeping the center fixed. This model has double ended drive to avoid use of diameter setting drive shaft. The fixing holes for the brackets on the bed are precisely factory set.