Cu-Built Hydraulic Shell to Shell Fit-Up Rotators are specially designed to Align, Rotate and Support two sections of same diameter Shells for 'Tack Welding' or 'Full Circumferential Seam Welding'.
Different diameters of cylindrical jobs can be accommodated on them as per the design for which it is indented. Fit Up Rotators are Used for assembly or Fit-Up of Long Pipe / Tanks / Wind Tower / Vessel, etc.

Construction and Technical Details

Fit Up Rotators have Four Units, Two Units (1No. Drive Unit + 1No. Idler Unit) are with Trolley Wheels and the other Two are Hydraulic Fit Up Units Fixed Base Type. Trolley of Drive Unit has inbuilt drive system, so that the shell section supported on them can be moved forward or backward, in order to butt the shell edge, against the edge of the other shell on the fixed units.