Welding Rotators are very essential equipments for heavy and light fabrication shop.

Self Aligning Rotators automatically adjust the Roller Housings to accept any job diameters within the specified diameter range. These types of machines are generally used to cope with the increased production demands.


» Both the rollers automatically get adjusted for all job diameters.
» Accepts complete range of job diameters in one setting.
» Center axis of job remain stable for all job diameters.
» Wide range of Job diameters and Load capacities.
» Most suitable for 'thin walled' shells of large diameters.
» Four roller' contacts gives superior 'slip free' traction for thin walled vessels.
» Most accepted design for very busy fabrication hops.
» Ideal design for using in conjunction with Column & Boom.
» Better acceptability to ovality of vessels compared to other models.

Construction and Technical Details

The roller housings of this type of machine are hinged to the beds and open up automatically when a larger diameter job is introduced. In this type of rotator, each Roller bracket assembly has two separate roller assemblies, and this supports the job on a wider area. The final drive is given to all the 4-sets of rollers of the Drive Unit in special models, providing better traction to the job. However, in that case a de-clutching arrangement is provided to the top rollers, in order to protect the gear boxes, as when the job hits the top rollers first while loading, forcing it to rotate via. the self locking gear box.


» Welding of pipes.
» API pipes.
» Boilers.
» heat exchangers.
» Pressure vessels/Tanks.
» mounted vessels.
» LPG bullets.
» Barrels, etc.,


» Load carrying capacity - 5 Ton to 1000 Ton.
» Job diameter Ranges - 1200mm to 10000 mm (Higher diameters on request)


Manual trolley & Motorized trolley