Welding Rotators are very essential equipments for heavy and light fabrication shop. They are mainly used to rotate or position the cylindrical jobs for circumferential welding (TIG / MIG / Sub Arc) or for intricate assemblies.
The construction of this type is similar to Conventional Type except that this model has a provision to slide the Roller Brackets over the Base Frame equally in both directions through a lead screw having LH & RH Threads.


» Low investment cost.
» Ideal version to start with new fabrication line.
» Most suitable for small and heavy fabrication shops.
» Simple & Sturdy design. » Proven reliability.
» Accepts wide range of Job diameters.

Construction and Technical Details

Unlike in Conventional Type the Roller Brackets in Self Centering Type is not bolted on the base frame. The rotation of lead screw can either be Manual or Motorized (Optional). The Technical Specifications are same as Conventional Type.


» Welding of pipes.
» API pipes.
» Boilers.
» heat exchangers.
» Pressure vessels/Tanks.
» mounted vessels.
» LPG bullets.
» Barrels, etc.,


»Load carrying capacity - 2 Ton to 1200 Ton
» Job diameter Ranges - 350 mm to 10000 mm (Higher Diameters on Request)


Manual trolley & Motorized trolley